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The world's first IOT-based sub-standard and fake (SF) offer the drug screening platform we have developed with modern technology and techniques to your service.

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PortMera is a startup tech company founded in Aug 2017, with a grant obtained from TUBITAK. We are based in Technopark Istanbul with an office in Long Island High Tech Incubator (LIHTI, Stony Brook University) in New York.

PortMera develops non-invasive, online NIR and Raman spectroscopy based chemical analysis and measurement technologies to increase the automation features of pharmaceutical production processes in line with Industry 4.0 goals.

In PortMera, these technologies are developed as "real-time measurement systems" that can be integrated into the production line, as well as "portable analysis systems" for on-site applications such as counterfeit drug inspections.

PortMera aims to introduce cloud-based near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy systems to the national and international market in 2018 for fast and non-destructive product quality controls.


Drug Authentication & Tracking

Medi-Eval, real-time non-invasive Drug Authentication and adaptable as providing monitoring services, cloud-based system offers a chemical analysis.

Solution as a Service' model

Customers with Solutions as a Service model, for a fee of hardware, software, upgrades and maintenance of the entire system will have full access.

Get Rid of Painful Processes

Obtain your measurement results without delay and without waiting for a time such as 10 sec.

Artificial Intelligence Based Systems

Substandard and falsified pharmaceutical products to scan specially designed artificial intelligence based analytical system.

Fraud Cannot Pass

Under the standards for the detection and identification of counterfeit drugs, quantity, verify their claims and labels for content producers.

Everything is in your hand

Comprehensive pharmaceutical finished products and raw materials library offers.

The technologies we use

Non-invasive chemical analysis

Cloud Technology

IOT Technology

Data analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Secure Communications



Currently 175+ drug family (active ingredients of medicines) is covered.


Currently 370++ finished products from different drug families, manufacturers, batches, which are marketed mostly in Europe, are covered.


Currently 60++ vitamins/ supplements marketed in Europe and USA are covered.

New drugs and drug products are added periodically to expand the database.

New algorithms and smart chemical analysis models are developed periodically to meet the unique needs of countries and institutions.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Could you introduce PortMera?

    PortMera is a chemical data analytics company. We develop fast and non-destructive chemical sensors and analysis systems in line with Industry 4.0 goals. These systems can be used in both production line and field applications. We will present our first product Medi-Eval, for which we have just completed the R&D studies, to the global market in 2021. Medi-Eval is the first IoT based counterfeit medicine monitoring system. As PortMera, we focus on obtaining high information from limited data. For this, we are developing unique artificial intelligence models and algorithms.

  • We offer an effective method in combating counterfeit drugs with on-site and non-destructive measurement. With this method, you can detect within 10 seconds if a drug is counterfeit anywhere in the world. Our system is the most comprehensive library in the world with over 500 drug libraries. We continue to add new drugs and products to our database.

  • Medi-Eval; unique in the world with its portable light, economical and sensitive structure. A universal authentication system containing comprehensive information on the chemical composition of more than 500 drugs.

  • It detects whether a drug is counterfeit within seconds, without any chemical or physical treatment. The unique artificial intelligence, which can recognize, distinguish and classify with high precision, can obtain information with high accuracy even from weak signals. It can be integrated into the production line in different industrial branches and can measure simultaneously.

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 10 percent of all drugs on the market are counterfeit drugs. This rate can rise to 70 percent in some regions such as Africa. The global counterfeit medicine market has exceeded 390 billion Euros and more than one million people die each year from counterfeit drugs. Moreover, one of the most counterfeited pharmaceutical products is the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine used in the treatment of Covid-19. All this shows that drug counterfeiting is widespread.



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